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Picture Wig No. Prices Descriptions Quantity
LF-103 $83 Indian Remy Hair,12"Natural Color NS,Size:13*4" 69
LF-104 $88 Indian Remy Hair,12",Natural Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 18
LF-110 $83 Indian Remy Hair,12",Natural Straight 1B#,Size:13*4" 5
LF-111 $88 Indian Remy Hair,12",1B# Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 2
LF-114 $87 Indian Remy Hair,14",Natural Color NS,Size:13*4" 13
LF-115 $92 Indian Remy Hair,14",Natural Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 19
LF-119 $87 Indian Remy Hair,14",1B# Natural Straight,Size:13*4" 11
LF-120 $92 Indian Remy Hair,14",1B# Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 4
LF-123 $90 Indian Remy Hair,16",Natural Straight NC,Size:13*4" 11
LF-124 $95 Indian Remy Hair,16",Natural Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 15
LF-128 $95 Indian Remy Hair,16",1# Natural Straight,Size:13*4" 7
LF-131 $90 Indian Remy Hair,16",Natural Straight 1B#,Size:13*4" 2
LF-132 $95 Indian Remy Hair,16",1B# Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 9
LF-140 $95 Indian Remy Hair,18",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 61
LF-141 $100 Indian Remy Hair,18",Natural Color Yaki,Size:13*4" 22
LF-142 $100 Indian Remy Hair 18"Natural Color Body Wave,Size:13*4" 3
LF-150 $95 Indian Remy Hair,18",Natural Straight,1B#,Size:13*4" 16
LF-151 $100 Indian Remy Hair,18",Yaki 1B#,Size:13*4" 3
LF-153 $100 Indian Remy Hair,18",Natural Wave 1B#,Size:13*4" 2
LF-158 $103 Indian Remy Hair,18",1B# Kinky Curl,Size:13*4" 3
LF-159 $95 Indian Remy Hair,18",Natural Straight,2#,Size:13*4" 2
LF-201 $95 Chinese Virgin Hair,12",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 35
LF-202 $100 Indian Virgin Hair,12",Body Wave,NC,Size:13*4" 3
LF-203 $98 Chinese Virgin Hair,14",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 60
LF-205 $105 Chinese Virgin Hair,16",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 29
LF-207 $110 Chinese Virgin Hair,18",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 59
LF-501 $115 Indian Virgin Hair,12",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 35
LF-502 $120 Indian Virgin Hair,12",Body Wave,NC,Size:13*4" 3
LF-503 $120 Indian Virgin Hair,14",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 60
LF-505 $125 Indian Virgin Hair,16",Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 29
LF-507 $135 Indian Virgin Hair,18" Natural Straight,NC,Size:13*4" 59
LF-402 $115 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 12",Straight, NC, Size: 13*4" 86
LF-403 $120 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 12", Natural Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 5
LF-404 $120 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 14",Straight, NC, Size: 13*4" 69
LF-405 $128 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 14", Kinky Curl, NC, Size: 13*4" 1
LF-406 $125 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 16",Straight, NC, Size: 13*4" 45
LF-407 $130 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 16", Natural Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 1
LF-408 $130 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 16", Deep Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 1
LF-409 $133 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 16", Kinky Straight, NC, Size: 13*4" 2
LF-410 $133 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 16", Kinky Curl, NC, Size: 13*4" 1
LF-411 $135 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 18", Straight, NC, Size: 13*4" 60
LF-412 $140 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 18", Body Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 5
LF-413 $140 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 18", Natural Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 5
LF-414 $140 Brazilian Virgin Hair, 18", Natural Wave, NC, Size: 13*4" 1
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